April 8, 2021

12 Great Xiao Long Bao In NYC

(The Infatuation)

Maybe you’ve been trying to turn a bag of frozen dumplings into soup dumplings like you’re a Hogwarts student in transfiguration class. Whenever you give up on your spells, order some soup dumplings from Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Flushing instead. Even after relocating to a large new space at One Fulton Square in 2019, this Shanghainese spot is still one of the best soup dumpling places in Flushing. Go with the multi-colored assortment of xiao long bao called “The Lucky 6,” which comes with a sampling of six different filling options like black truffle, crab, gourd, and scallop. Each dumpling’s skin is softer and a little thicker than what you’ll find elsewhere in Flushing, but that just constitutes a generous serving of soup bursting with every bite.