Diamonds Direct

DIAMONDS DIRECT jewelers is a premier diamond trading and luxury jewels marketing company established in 2008, which provides exquisite fine jewelry and selections of precious diamonds, natural color diamonds, gemstones, and Tahitian pearls. The jewelry is crafted in precious materials, molded into sophisticated designs, and adorned with the world’s finest diamonds via impeccable craftsmanship in consummated techniques. DIAMONDS DIRECT satisfies the most prestigious clients with true rare treasure, exceptional art, and a wise investment.

DIAMONDS DIRECT (戴蒙得瑞) 提供高檔珠寶鑑定與設計訂製,汰舊換新,舊金渙新金服務。DIAMONDS DIRECT提供高檔鑽石及彩鑽,由鑽石原礦產地直接進口、經由一系列切割、拋光打磨、精心設計,由GIA、EGL、IGI、 GAL等專業公信鑑定中心鑑定,提供證書保證品質。店內也陳列各式高品質的有色寶石、紅寶、藍寶、綠寶,及珍貴大溪地南洋珍珠,款式多樣新穎。

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