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Eateries at One Fulton Square Offer Outdoor Dining at The Private Plaza and Terrace

In an effort to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and to prioritize the safety of all customers and staff, One Fulton Square initiated efforts to assist tenants for expanding outdoor seating at their private plaza and terrace during the pandemic period. All restaurants and bars at One Fulton Square are now open and have established additional protection measures, such as increasing the use of disposable utensils, installing hand sanitizer stations, and creating QR code menu systems for contactless order and payment.

“We intend to deploy the strongest measures at our property to help ensure that both our customers and staff feel safe and confident in our operations,” said Gabriel Suleymanov, Property Manager of One Fulton Square. “We welcome everyone to enjoy outdoor dining at our open-air private plaza and well-decorated terrace at One Fulton Square’s eateries.”

Besides ensuring guests’ health and safety will continue to be the priority, restaurants at One Fulton Square have also brought summer programs to the customers to have a joyful and unique dining experience, such as the weekend DJ night at Spot Dessert Bar and the live music performance at Hope to See You Music Restaurant. “We are excited to see customers came back to support our business and we are taking precautions very seriously to protect our customers and employees,” said Mark Lee, co-owner of Spot Dessert Bar, a dessert café which has served this community for over 4 years. “It’s a new business opportunity we never would have had if there’s no outdoor dining.”

One Fulton Square is a transformative mixed-use development that has played an integral role in the growth and development of the 39th Avenue retail and lifestyle corridor in Downtown Flushing. Developed by F&T Group, the vibrant mixed-use property totals approximately 330,000 square feet.

The property’s diverse mix of retail includes hair salon, SPA, cosmetic store, jewelry store, and many of Flushing’s most popular restaurants, including the famous soup dumpling Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, rooftop bar Leaf Bar & Lounge, Asian fusion Jiang Nan, Malaysian chain Pappa Rich, modern Japanese cuisine IKI, Korean style casual dining bar The Coop, Tous Les Jours bakery, Spot dessert bar, seafood barbeque restaurant with live music Hope to See You and 1392, New York Times recommended Szechuan cuisine Guan Fu, and two other specialty Szechuan eateries Szechuan Mountain House and Absolute Szechwan.