September 4, 2020

6 ice cream brands with bold new flavors you can order right to your door


For some ice cream businesses that primarily depend on in-store visits, increases in retail sales have been either the same or just slightly higher, and may not be enough to curb the impact of their losses. For others, off-premise ice cream sales have played a significant part in sustaining their stores.

Mark Lee, managing partner of New York-based Spot Dessert Bar and its ice cream brand Scoop by Spot, says he has seen a “super increase” in ice cream sales these past few months, especially at supermarkets. This jump has helped Spot endure through the worst of the pandemic. “We’re really thankful that we survived,” he says.

Spot launched in 2009, but Scoop debuted last year. The ice cream brand is now available in about 120 retail locations on the East Coast and started shipping nationwide earlier this year.

The mission guiding Scoop is to offer “Asian-inspired ice cream” with “flavors from all over Asia” with quality ingredients, Lee says. Each flavor is created with 16% butterfat. A few of the most popular ones are Matcha Lava, based on Spot’s signature dessert, and Misugaru, based on a Korean multigrain drink.