April 21, 2020

NYC restaurants selling bulk frozen foods

(Eater NY)

More and more, New York City restaurants are beginning to pivot from food delivery to grocery delivery, especially as the city’s big box grocers are seeing long lines as stores struggle to keep up with customer delivery demand online. Some of the city’s top restaurants are now selling items like frozen sausages, pork dumplings, pao de quiejo, and more.

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao: This famed Flushing-based soup dumpling purveyor is offering delivery and pickup for its regular menu, as well as bulk frozen soup dumplings in packs of 30 and more. Go classic with a crab and pork soup dumpling, or get other varietals like a truffle pork soup dumpling and a pork, shrimp, and chive regular dumpling.