November 17, 2020

Top 12 cookie spots in NYC

(Gotham Magazine)

Everyone knows New York City has the best pizza and bagels, but we would also argue that our cookies can’t be beat.

An underrated dessert, cookies are the joy of life. From classic chocolate chip, to oatmeal raisin and red velvet, why should kids get all the fun?

There are literally hundreds of bakeries in this city, not to mention chocolate shops and dessert specialists across the five boroughs, but where do you go to get your cookie fix?

We’ve researched the best cookie spots in all of New York and whittled it down to 12 must-try stops. After you’ve tasted these treats, you’ll be craving cookies after every meal.
Spot absolutely kills the dessert game when it comes to original treats like cakes and waffles, but what many people don’t know is they also bake top-notch cookies. With flavors like Matcha Lava Cookie, Caramel Miso and Oreo Chocolate Chip, you should definitely make this a prime stop on your cookie journey through the city.