February 25, 2019

29 Top Chinese Restaurants in NYC

(New York Eater) New York City is experiencing a Chinese food renaissance. Never before have been the city’s offerings been so diverse; not only are multiple regions represented, price points range, too. There are fast-casual Sichuan spots like Bang Chengdu Kitchen, and there’s ambitious pan-regional fine dining like Atlas Kitchen. And where restaurateurs once needed to cater to Western tastes, many of today’s New York Chinese restaurants don’t have to so in order to survive.

Szechwan Absolute

The third Sichuan restaurant to appear in Flushing’s One Fulton Square retail and residential complex is less lavish and glitzy than the other two, but presents a solid picture of the provincial cuisine with a few turns and twists of its own, plus a plethora of less ubiquitous ingredients and organ meats. Wood ear mushrooms are paired with the firm green vegetable called celtuce, while an amped up version of Chongqing chicken features dough twists. The menu also offers some northern Chinese fare.

Szechuan Mountain House

of envelope-pushing versions have opened across the city. Szechuan Mountain House is one such example, expanding from Flushing to the East Village with a second-story St. Mark’s Place location. There are stellar versions of classics like mapo tofu and twice-cooked pork, but also find less ubiquitous fare, including variations on spicy stews. Every table will likely have the sliced pork belly with chile garlic sauce, where pork hangs over a device like laundry on a line. Expect a wait during prime times, and bring a small crew to finish huge portions.