IKI Modern Japanese Cuisine

A modern Japanese restaurant specialized in Omakase, a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef, Iki also provides sashimi, nigiri sushi, tempura, and more other types of traditional Japanese cuisine. All fishes are freshly imported from Japan and only finest ingredients are used.

著名的日式無菜單料理 (Omakase) 是IKI的鎮店之寶,一餐之中所有菜色均由主廚配合當日的季節、氛圍及新鮮食材即興決定。除此之外,刺身、手握壽司、天婦羅等多種傳統日式料理也能在菜單中找到,為保證食客的最佳體驗,IKI堅持使用日本新鮮空運的魚類食材及最優質的調味品進行烹飪。

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Mon-Sun Lunch 11:00-16:00
Mon-Sun Dinner 16:00-00:00