Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao (also known as Soup Dumpling) originated from Nan Xiang County of Shanghai, China. “Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao” opened its door at the heart of Asian cuisine, Flushing, New York in 2004 and soon gained popularity among food lovers in the Big Apple over the past 15 years. Nan Xiang is the first choice for local Chinese immigrants who are craving for authentic Northern Chinese food and Jiangsu & Zhejiang cuisine. A lot of western diners also visit Nan Xiang to experience our famous dishes recommend by various publications and food bloggers. Welcome to Nan Xiang, we provide the most original flavors from China.

小籠包起源於上海郊區的「南翔鎮」,其形態小 巧並以特製的竹籠蒸製,因此被稱為「小籠包」 。 由這個典故而命名的「南翔小籠包」餐廳於2004年在中華美食齊聚的紐約皇后區法拉盛開幕,短時間內即因獨一無二的美味而聲名遠播,開業至今15年, 不僅成為華人饕客品嘗江浙小炒與北方麵點的首選,更在媒體與美食博主的推薦下吸引眾多西方顧客慕名品嘗。 做您心頭的那壹籠“小籠湯包”!江浙小炒,北方面點,南翔小籠包,您身邊的家常味。

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